A. Frequently Asked Questions – Basic Information

We are a trusted and registered company in the state of Florida. All of our services are monthly 30 day subscriptions that are automatically renewed with the payment method of your choice. We offer PayPal subscriptions and we accept all major credit cards via the Stripe payment gateway. We use only the latest Intel Xeon processors such as the E3-12xx(v3-5) and E5-1650v4 chips. Each machine is fitted with anywhere from 16-64GB of DDR3 or DDR4 ECC RAM and they are connected to our Tier 1/Tier 0 backbone network on 1,000mbps uplink ports. We mainly run Windows as our operating system but we use Linux for voice hosting. All of our game, voice and web services are separated from each other so that if one thing goes down, everything else is still running normally.

B. Frequently Asked Questions – Basic Navigation

1. Find new game server hosting services on the Game Servers tab
2. Find new voice server hosting services on the Voice Servers tab
3. Need assistance? Get some help by submitting a ticket at our Help Desk and our support team will respond shortly.
4. Want to buy a new game server from us? Not sure about something? Send us a contact form found at the Contact Us page. This contact form is for general business inquiries and/or billing/sales information only. Support requests need to be handled through the live chat support or the Help Desk.
5. You can see all of your current subscriptions and recent orders/invoices in your My Account page. Here you can suspend and/or cancel your subscription as well as renew a terminated subscription. You can also Upgrade or Downgrade your server size/slots at any time by clicking on the Upgrade/Downgrade button located to the right of your active subscription. You are only charged for the difference in slots and we will process your order and upgrade your server shortly thereafter.

C. Frequently Asked Questions – Basic Server Management

1. You can stop and start your server from the Overseer Panel™ 2.0 located in the upper right of the main website while logged in. This control panel is still in heavy development. Currently you can stop/start your server and it provides an insight as to how much resources your process is using i.e. RAM/CPU/Cores. This display also shows your IP/Port as well as the name of the dedicated machine you are on (hostname).
2. We provide you with full FTP (file transfer protocol) access to your server files so that you can upload/modify anything you wish, granted it is within the bounds of our terms & conditions. You can access your server files via the Overseer Panel™ 2.0 File Manager or any 3rd party program such as FileZilla or WinSCP. You can find documentation on how to upload/download/modify using FileZilla or WinSCP on their respective websites.
3. To add sub-users the user you are trying to add as a sub-user must already be registered on our website.

D. Frequently Asked Questions – Subscriptions

1. Every service we offer is a 30 day subscription from the day you purchase. EXAMPLE: If you purchase a subscription on the 15th of the month you will be automatically charged on the 15th of every month unless you cancel or put the subscription on-hold. You can do all of this at the My Account page.

E. Frequently Asked Questions – Account Funds

1. The account funds feature is still in heavy development. This feature was added mainly for those who wish to pay their monthly bills manually without a PayPal or Credit Card account being automatically charged. This system is currently very limited as in it can ONLY be used for MANUAL payments and can NOT be used in any circumstance to pay in full and/or pay the difference of a current automatic subscription. This means that if you plan to pay manually then you must always pay manually with the Account Funds feature by adding funds to your account and then paying the renewal fee each month. If you currently have an AUTOMATIC subscription in our system for any of our services DO NOT use the Account Funds feature to add credit to your account as it WILL NOT be used for an automatic subscription. In other words, if you have a current automatic subscription, you cannot add funds and expect the system to use those funds to cover a partial or full amount due for your subscription. If you 100% understand this and you still want to use Account Funds to pay manually for your services then please go to the Add Funds product page. Account Funds are non-refundable.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.
If you choose Credit Card (Stripe) or PayPal Automatic Subscription you are authorizing us to charge your credit card or PayPal account every 30, 60, 90, 180 or 365 days depending on which payment term you selected. If you do not want to be automatically charged and would rather pay as you go then select PayPal Manual Subscription during checkout.
You can cancel your active subscription any time at the My Account page by clicking Cancel next to the active subscription you want to cancel.
You can request a refund by submitting a billing ticket. Our refund policies only allow refunds within 24 hours after a payment has been made.