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Primal Carnage – game server hosting (monthly rental)

Prepare yourself for a game like no other, a game where dinosaurs and humans come face to face in all out combat. Only the bravest will survive on the mysterious island, overrun with fearsome prehistoric creatures which, until now, have been extinct and absent from the world for 65 million years.

Primal Carnage offers unique multiplayer combat allowing players to approach the clash between man and beast on either side of the conflict with heart stopping action and gloriously memorable moments as the fight for survival reaches an all-time high.

It’s kill or be killed.

Hunt or be hunted.

This… is Primal Carnage.

The Humans:

Take on the role of a member of a ragtag group of individuals tasked with bringing the island to order. See the carnage unfold from a first person perspective using their unique combination of advanced weaponry, skill, teamwork and the occasional sprinkling of good fortune as they aim to snatch victory from the jaws of some of the most hellish beasts ever to have roamed the earth. Do you have what it takes to stare down the sights of your guns and hold your ground as chaos ignites all around you? Are you brave enough to take on the might of the prehistoric world? Keep your friends close; you’re going to need them to take on the impossible.

The Dinosaurs:

Take on the roles of the world’s most notorious of predators, dinosaurs, from a third person all seeing view of the world around you. Turn the hunters into the hunted through the eyes of the monsters themselves. Take to the shadows, to the jungles, to the skies as you work together as a single, efficient unit to outwit and tear apart your human adversaries with speed, stealth and all out brute force. Strike terror in the hearts of your opponents and watch them run in fear as you decimate them with tooth and claw. This is your island now and no human will be allowed to take it back.

Team Deathmatch will launch with five large and varied maps in which to engage in combat. From the lush jungles deep in the heart of the island to the shores of abandoned dockyards players will fight in different environments, time of day and weather conditions, each presenting new challenges and opportunities to each team, who must adjust their strategies to suit their situation and location.

Background Story:
“The Island”, a strange hidden world where man has taken the ultimate leap in science, where the long lost wonders of the distant past have been recreated, wonders which walk hand in hand with atrocities of the darkest nature. At present the facilities lie destroyed and abandoned, all the experiments have ceased, the buildings empty, the screams… silenced. The most meticulous of plans could not prepare them for the horrors they set upon themselves, horrors now running free across The Island.

They had created dinosaurs.

Now the Island needs reclaiming, the prehistoric beast brought under man’s control once more, and if this task is beyond our reach… then they must be destroyed.

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