We have had so many questions regarding hosting ARK:  Survival Evolved that we decided to make a post to answer some of the common questions.

1)  Will you be providing server hosting for ARK: Survival Evolved?

Yes!  The ARK: Survival Evolved developers Wildcard Studios will be releasing the game on June 2nd.  Once we have had a chance to evaluate the server software we will be able to set a price and start offering the servers for rent.  The developers of ARK: Survival Evolved have not released the files to anyone and have so far decided not to partner or designate any game server provider as official.  As a result please be wary of anyone offering pre-purchase hosting or claiming themselves to be an official hosts as they have no idea how the server will perform.

The game should be released between 1PM EST – 8PM EST.  We will have ordering available a couple hours after release.

2)  Your ARK: Survival Evolved Server Hosting product page says OUT OF STOCK, why?

When we first add a product before release it is always out of stock.  We have never done pre-purchase of unreleased servers because there are so many unknowns about stability, performance and resource utilization.  Once we have tested the server on release day we will be setting our prices and sending out notifications of availability via Twitter, Facebook and E-Mail.  You will then be able to purchase your server.

3)  What are you doing to prepare for the launch of ARK: Survival Evolved?

We have purchased new machines and added capacity to every location.  We have supply lines ready to deliver more equipment to increase capacity quickly so we can grow with the demand instantly. We have a lot of experience hosting UDK/Unreal Engine games and have our systems primed for this purpose.  We will have all hands on deck ready to help our customers with their servers as we continue to offer 24/7/365 support.  In summary we will be ready to make sure the launch of ARK: Survival Evolved Server Hosting is as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

4)  Will you be running any promotions, giveaways or coupons?

Yes!  We will be providing some coupons initially via our Twitter and Facebook pages.  We are planning on giving away copies of the game as well via these social platforms.  Follow us on both our Twitter and Facebook pages for up to the second status updates!