We are an official ranked server provider for NS2: Combat!

NS2: Combat pits aliens against space marines in a fast paced, action-packed struggle for survival. Part twitch-shooter, part stealth crawler, you can choose your own play style using one of seven different life forms.

Try unique abilities such as ‘Devour’, where the largest alien eats her enemies, or pilot the hulking mechanised ‘Exo Suit’ and punch aliens in the face.

NS2: Combat includes seven different player-controllable lifeforms, a vault full of weapons and abilities, a stats system, full modding support and 5 original maps. Games last around 15 minutes and players may join and leave at any time.

Faultline Games is a game developer that started as a mod team. Our indie-publisher, Unknown Worlds, also started as a mod team. NS2: Combat evolved from the modding community of Natural Selection 2 to become a standalone game. It does not require Natural Selection 2 in order to play.

BFS Features:
Official Ranked Server Provider
– Overseer Panel (send commands to your server)
– NS2 Combat Web Admin Interface (maplist, rcon access, playerlist)
– Full File Access to Un-Ranked Servers, Configuration File Access for Ranked Servers (FTP access)
– 24/7 BFS Support (email, live chat, ts3, tickets)


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