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[NOTICE] This game is in early access Alpha stages. There are no guarantees of performance or reliability with your dedicated server. Pricing is subject to change throughout development stages.
In Reign of Kings you must fight to survive in an unforgiving medieval world. Hunt deer, sheep and other wildlife for food and crafting resources. Chop down trees and gather stones to craft armor and better equipment to gain the upper hand in combat. Build homes to live in, walls to protect you, or castles to rule the land. In Reign of Kings you can form a guild and fight alongside your guild mates to conquer foreign lands and other civilizations. Declare war and stake your claim to the throne! All players who are not part of the King’s Guild are taxed on the resources they collect.
Reign of Kings seems to have taken the best of some recent indie games released as of late. The combat mechanics are very similar to Chivalry. The crafting and resource gathering is much like it is in Rust. The building of structures seems to be taken from Life is Feudal. All three of these games combined into one with a twist and you have Reign of Kings. It is honestly a wonderful concept.
The combat itself is very intuitive. The parries and blocks are precise and each swing has a lot of weight to it. The better armor you are wearing the greater chance of survival you have.
The world in Reign of Kings itself is setup in a way to inspire competition and for guilds to fight for the resource locations. You can capture and hold players in captivity and sell them for a ransom. The captured players have tools they can craft to help them escape. Every player in Reign of Kings will make a difference.
BFS Features
– Overseer Panel™ (our custom control panel)
– Web Based File Management (FTP access)
– 3rd Party FTP Access (FileZilla/WinSCP)
– 24/7 BFS Support (tickets, live chat, ts3)
– Automatic Server Restarts (server reboots if it crashes)
Rent Reign of Kings Server
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