Product Description


PROJECT ZOMBOID game server hosting (monthly rental)

[NOTICE] This game is in early access stages. There are no guarantees of performance or reliability with your dedicated server. This means we will most likely not refund you for server software issues.

Project Zomboid is a Zombie Survival RPG available on PC, Mac and Linux. Thousands of ‘proper’ zeds roam the streets. Gunfire and combat could lead to a bite. Scavenge food, craft items, construct barricades and fight against inevitable death. Team up with similarly doomed buddies on user-created servers. Trust nobody! Explore an isometric Muldraugh, KY, in our vast, growing map. Where will you make your stand? You can develop skills through game play, while fending off depression, boredom and addictions. Project Zomboid offers powerful Lua mod support, and map tools that will be given to the community.

Some of the planned features – alongside more weapons, animations, recipes, locations, survival systems and the introduction of dogs. We like dogs. Oh, and maybe the military will turn up one day too. Who can say?

In the towns of Muldraugh and West Point, survivors must loot houses, build defences and do their utmost to delay their inevitable death day by day. No help is coming – their continued survival relies on their own cunning, luck and ability to evade a relentless horde. The ultimate in zombie survival. Alone or in MP: you loot, build, craft, fight, farm and fish in a struggle to survive. A hardcore RPG skillset, a vast map, a massively customisable sandbox and a cute tutorial raccoon await the unwary. So how will you die?

  • Overseer Panel™
  • Command Line Editor
  • Web Based File Manager
  • 100% FTP Access
  • 24/7 Support
  • Automatic Server Restarts
  • SSD Drives
  • No Branding
  • 72 hour Money-Back Guarantee