Alpha 17 World Sizes and How it Affects You

Dear Current and Future Valued Customers,

We have created a new tiered pricing structure based on slots for higher world sizes for the 7 Days to Die Alpha 17 release. This decision was not made lightly and it took us weeks to decide on what we were going to do as we know exactly how much of an impact such a change would have for our customer base. This change has been in testing for a couple months now and we are constantly evaluating as we go. This new pricing structure has been in place for a week after A17 launched and will be in place for the foreseeable future. As always pricing is subject to change throughout development stages of 7 Days to Die.


  • 8192km or less


  • 10240km or less


  • 12288km or less


  • 16384km or less

The amount of memory that these new world sizes use can take up to 10GB of RAM or more. This is a huge difference to the way the game now handles worlds and memory usage compared to the previous versions before A17. We are one of the, if not the actual, largest 7 Days to Die server hosts. With the amount of 7 Days to Die servers we host across our network we would be completely overloaded if we opened map sizes to all of our 7 Days to Die server customers. As a result we have had to create a new pricing structure that covers the memory usage but still provides an affordable competitive price.

The changes to this products pricing does not affect the quality of service and support or diminish our long list of premium options:

  • Game Servers available 24/7/365
  • 72 hour money-back guarantee
  • Around the clock technical support
  • Network-wide DDoS protection
  • SSD hard-drives on every machine
  • Virtually unlimited hard drive space
  • MySQL services
  • No forced branding!
  • Latest Intel Xeon E3/E5 and Core i7 processors

All of these premium options are included at no extra cost. We decided it was better to charge up-front and let you know exactly what you need to pay for the resources that will be used. Other hosts are limiting 7DTD servers based on RAM and if they’re not charging extra for RAM you’re getting installed on a server where you will experience overloaded servers and poor performance.

In closing, we want to thank all of our current and previous customers for their loyalty and long standing relationships with us. We also want to welcome all of the new customers that joined us for the Alpha 17 launch for 7 Days to Die. It is our plan to continue to serve this community and continue to expand in this industry for years to come.

Do you have any specific questions or concerns regarding world size and your 7 Days to Die server with us? Feel free to submit a ticket and the appropriate staff member will respond.