Genesis Part 2

ARK Survival Evolved – Genesis Part 2

ARK: Genesis Part 2 completes the eons-spanning story of ARK: Survival Evolved! Everything that your tribe has built, tamed, and fought for has led to this final challenge. With your faithful artificial companion HLN-A by your side, you’ve emerged from the Genesis simulation to find yourself aboard a gigantic starship being overtaken by a familiar threat from the distant past.

In Genesis Part 2, you’ll explore a vast new world teeming with strange biomes and exotic creatures, while engaging in story-oriented missions that test your mettle, ingenuity, and survival skills. Wielding an array of powerful new tames, items, weapons, and structures, you’ll journey from idyllic fields through twilit phantasmagoric realms, all the way into a hellish heart of darkness. Thousands of years and trillions of miles away from where your story began, you’ll challenge series-villain Rockwell in a final confrontation to determine the fate of humanity. The future is in your hands, Survivor — one last time!

Key Features & Screenshots

  • The Eden Zone- a starter area for Survivors, filled with plateaus, rivers and waterfalls, providing all necessary Resources needed for survival.
  • Tek Trenches that act as technological bridges between biomes, and potentially the two Rings.
  • Rockwell’s Garden, an aberrant and twisted region created by Rockwell filled with his eerie creations.
  • An area fused with the insides of Sir Edmund Rockwell, affectionately known as the Rockwell’s Innards biome.
  • This is the first DLC to (a) not have any teaser Dossiers and (b) have a living biome.
  • Survivors come pre-equipped with a Federation Tek Suit upon entering the Genesis-Ship.
  • Unlike Genesis: Part 1, Genesis: Part 2 is set to allow the use of flying Creatures.
  • The biome-laden rings connected to the Genesis-Ship have a similar appearance to that of the Halo Array from the Halo Series. Additionally, Rockwell’s Innards biome is similar to the Flood from the Halo Series.
  • Along with first big reveals of the expansion Genesis 2 Chronicles have begun, adding several new Explorer Notes every few weeks to story maps in chronological order.

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