Overseer Panel™ 2.0

We designed the new control panel with the user in mind. We wanted to offer a better solution than anybody else and we believe we are on the right track. Below are some details about what each section does for you.


Overseer Panel™ 2.0

You can access your server files by clicking on “File Manager” directly from the Overseer dashboard under the FTP Information section.



Overseer Panel™ 2.0


  • Hostname (The name of the dedicated box your game server is on)
  • Process ID # (More for us to know who you are quicker but it could serve a purpose for you as well)
  • Location (The data center geographic location)
  • IP Address (The IP address you use to connect to your server)
  • Port (The port you use to connect to your server)
  • CPU Priority (We run all our processes at “Above Normal” priority giving all servers a better share of the CPU.  You can purchase High CPU priority for more share of CPU time.)
  • State (The current state of the game server or the current task Overseer is performing.)
  • Running Time (How long your process has been running)









  • Host (The hostname/IP you connect to your server files remotely)Overseer Panel™ 2.0
  • Username (Your FTP username that you use to connect to your server files remotely)
  • Password (The password for your FTP access and yours alone. Nobody else will ever see this password, not even your sub-users.)
  • Port (The port you need for the FTP access)
  • Recycle Button (Press this for an automatically generated new FTP password)
  • “File Manager” (This takes you to our built-in file manager application. Use this if you don’t want to use a third party program like FileZilla or WinSCP)








  • Overseer Panel™ 2.0CPU Usage (The percentage of cpu utilization your game server process is utilizing, 100% =  1 core, 200% = 2 cores, etc…)
  • Memory Usage (The amount of memory in MB being utilized by your game server process)














  • Username (The username of the person you added to your sub-users)Overseer Panel™ 2.0
  • FTP (If this box is check-marked that user will have FTP access)
  • DB (If this box is check-marked that user will have Database access – for certain games only)
  • Email (Once the user has registered an account on the website you can add him/her as a sub user by using the email address he/she registered with.)






We hope you enjoy the panel in its current state. Please be aware that this is a live beta version and is in no way, shape, or form the final product. We will be constantly adding and changing things. We also want your feedback about anything and everything regarding features and layout. If you are a current customer of ours (or previous) and want to make use of this new software let us know by submitting a support ticket.