We are always working to improve our systems and have begun the process of moving our Dallas nodes to a new data center.  This new data center will provide us access to a faster network and stronger DDoS protection. We have already upgraded Chicago and Los Angeles. We are also taking this opportunity to upgrade all our nodes to the latest hardware.  All these upgrades are free to all customers.


New Hardware

Our new data-center locations will be receiving custom machines with the E5-1650v4 Intel CPU, 64GB RAM, SSD drives and premium bandwidth. These newer chips are faster and coupled with SSD drives will deliver the performance and reliability that we feel every single one of our customers deserve!


20GB DDoS Protection

The even bigger and most important upgrade is that our entire Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles locations, after the migration, will be protected with 20gbps of traffic protection and 60 million packets per second protection! This is a milestone for us as a company and an awesome benefit for our customers to enjoy. These same DDoS protection benefits will be coming to every one of our other locations in the future as well.


What To Expect

When we are ready to migrate your service(s) you will receive a direct email from our team stating that your service is now being moved. At that point in time your dashboard access will be suspended and your service will be gracefully stopped. All of your current server data will be packaged up and transferred to the new machine your service will reside on. Everyone will receive a new IP address and possibly a new Port (if necessary to avoid conflict issues) on the new upgraded hardware. We recommend that you inform your communities of the new IP address as soon as possible.



Click the link below to submit a ticket to get more information. Please title your ticket “Infrastructure Upgrade” so we can find it faster.
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