Hey everyone,

Alpha 15 just dropped for 7 Days to Die and it looks like The Fun Pimps have added a mother load of new content for everyone to enjoy. Here are the patch notes for those interested in the changes.

As per the Alpha 15 release notes if your server is not starting up correctly then your problem is most likely the server config file not having the correct values. This is part of the red message you see on the support ticket system area before submitting a ticket. Here is what you would see in your output_log.txt file in the “7DaystoDieServer_Data” directory if this is truly the issue:

2016-10-08T13:51:25 0.080 INF Parsing server configfile: config\serverconfig.xml
2016-10-08T13:51:25 0.114 ERR Error parsing configfile property ‘FriendlyFire’: Unknown config option
2016-10-08T13:51:25 0.114 INF Make sure your configfile is updated the current server version!
2016-10-08T13:51:25 0.114 INF Startup aborted due to the given error in server configfile

This is the fix for it:

As we already support every new version with Steam Update all you need to do to get your game files to version 15 is press “Steam Update” on your control panel dashboard. After your server has updated please open the File Manager and go into the config directory and right click on the “serverconfig.xml” file. Click edit to modify the file. Scroll down until you find the following line:



Also be aware that the developers do recommend a brand new world for Alpha 15. If you continue to experience issues check your output_log.txt file for more ERROR messages. If you need help with any of this please let us know by submitting a support ticket.