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Changes to Advanced DDoS Filtering

[UPDATE - 1:07AM EST 9/20/2014] No solution was able to be provided by our ISP in Dallas, TX regarding the Layer 7 filtering. We have initiated emergency maintenance in Dallas, TX to remove Layer 7 filtered IP addresses and we are assigning new IP addresses to customers on these IP addresses. Please check your GameCP (Overseer Panel) to see your new IP address. If you are a customer of ours in Dallas, TX or you were planning to move your services there you may want to read this. We will most likely be changing and/or completely removing the Layer 7 filtering for our DDoS protection in Dallas, TX. Some of the recent scrubbing changes made by our up-stream provider has started causing wide spread connectivity issues to all services in the location. The basic DDoS protection will still be in place but this change, if it does happen, will require all of our customers using the DDoS protected IP addresses to be moved to a new IP address as the routing for the current IP's cannot be modified from their current state.   To put this in more simple terms to explain what is going on we can break it down like this; We currently run multiple services in our Dallas, TX location. The basic DDoS protection filters out most TCP traffic but game servers and voice servers like TeamSpeak 3 use UDP to allow users to connect. The Layer 7 protection is too aggressive against UDP connections and that is what is causing connectivity loss and service drops.   When we implemented Layer 7 advanced DDoS protection everything was working perfectly for some time and all of the filtering was allowing legitimate traffic through [...]

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Our First Official Blog Post!

It has been 3 years now that we have been in business and we never really thought to create a place where we can post our thoughts and happenings about things abroad and within BFS. We now think we should have a place like that and where better to have it than right here on our website! This news blog will contain some of the latest news and announcements from Blue Fang Solutions, LLC as well as international and domestic events pertaining to the gaming industry (and rarely outside of that). So lets get started shall we? Stay tuned!

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