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Infrastructure Upgrade

  We are always working to improve our systems and have begun the process of moving our Dallas nodes to a new data center.  This new data center will provide us access to a faster network and stronger DDoS protection. We have already upgraded Chicago and Los Angeles. We are also taking this opportunity to upgrade all our nodes to the latest hardware.  All these upgrades are free to all customers.   New Hardware Our new data-center locations will be receiving custom machines with the E5-1650v4 Intel CPU, 64GB RAM, SSD drives and premium bandwidth. These newer chips are faster and coupled with SSD drives will deliver the performance and reliability that we feel every single one of our customers deserve!   20GB DDoS Protection The even bigger and most important upgrade is that our entire Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles locations, after the migration, will be protected with 20gbps of traffic protection and 60 million packets per second protection! This is a milestone for us as a company and an awesome benefit for our customers to enjoy. These same DDoS protection benefits will be coming to every one of our other locations in the future as well.   What To Expect When we are ready to migrate your service(s) you will receive a direct email from our team stating that your service is now being moved. At that point in time your dashboard access will be suspended and your service will be gracefully stopped. All of your current server data will be packaged up and transferred to the new machine your service will reside on. Everyone will receive a new IP address and possibly a new Port (if necessary to avoid conflict issues) on the new upgraded hardware. We recommend [...]

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Pricing Dropped for Empyrion Galactic Survival

As with any Early Access game we are always monitoring resource usage and game progress to see if any changes to the game constitute a new pricing structure. With some of the latest content and patch releases for Empyrion Galactic Survival we believe this to be the case at this time. Pricing is now $1.50/slot (down from $2.00/slot) for all packages 16-50 slots both monthly and quarterly terms. We will continue to monitor the game as it progresses and pricing is always subject to change throughout development, including increases in price if necessary. Rent Empyrion Galactic Survival Game Server

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Here at BFS we are always looking for new communities and groups to align ourselves with. We feel that what we can bring to the table can help any community grow in size and clinch success in this gaming industry. It didn't take long to put two and two together after talking with Karmakut, the Director of SquadOps, that BFS and SquadOps has a lot to offer each other. Since we are already an official hosting partner of Squad, we figured we should sponsor the largest and most anticipated events happening right now in Squad! We are announcing our official partnership and full support of the community events and we look forward to providing the Squad community with a solid, reliable platform to enjoy the SquadOps events. What is Squad Ops is a closed server community event focused on immersion and tactical gameplay. They aim to bring realistic scenarios into Squad while creating an interactive, cinematic experience for both the player and the spectator. How can I join Joining is simple and fast. The first step is to register on their official forums and fill out all the required areas. Next, simply navigate to the events page to register for an event. Confirm your registration and show up on Discord for the event. READ MORE ABOUT SQUADOPS.GG AT THEIR WEBSITE. GET 10% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH OF SQUAD GAME SERVERS USING COUPON CODE "squadrocks10"

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Planet Explorers Updates to 0.9 – 1 Year Later

The developers are alive! Here is an excerpt from their steam announcement about Planet Explorers 0.9 as well as the change list: Happy Holidays everyone. Here's the a0.9 build. It's about a year late, and we are truly sorry for that, but sometimes, a major rewrite is needed (in retrospect, it's up for debate). For players updating from a0.87, this is pretty much a new game. Everything has been changed over the last year. This build is a bit rushed, so we expect there to be bugs. We'll straighten these out over the next two weeks. From now on, we'll be updating directly to the release build instead of the beta. We will be releasing a new demo based on the a0.9 build within the next two weeks as well. A0.9 Changelist Fixed turrets not firing at enemies sometimes Fixed turrets not firing when not hit by an enemy Fixed jetpack animation Fixed NPCs not returning after chasing an enemy Fixed grenade projectile motion Fixed giant robot enemy weapons projectile motion Fixed ISOs disappearing after entering model scene Fixed Paja creation error in the desert Fixed world map not displaying anything in Adventure Mode Fixed turrets filling up durability after being picked up Fixed multiple colony UI bugs Fixed herbs adding full HP Fixed NPC spawning twice in camp Fixed repair machines not using resources Fixed kicking out NPC from colony and having the NPC disappear Fixed issue where some scripts can't be learned Fixed issue of being able to pick up the ladder while on it Fixed problems with bird projectiles Fixed issue with NPCs not stopping for conversation in Adventure Mode Fixed fertilizer gun projectile Fixed issue with andhera not being scared of [...]

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Major Capacity Added – ARK Orders Now Open

RENT ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED GAME SERVER Hello everyone! We are excited to announce that we have finally overcome our capacity issues and every location is now open for business! With the immense demand of ARK Survival Evolved server hosting we were absolutely slammed in every location. It took us a week to catch up and could not until recently open the ARK product page to all. We truly appreciate everyone's patience while we worked our hardest to get to all of you. Now that things are back to normal we wanted to let you know that we are again accepting game server orders full steam ahead for ARK Survival Evolved. With the new Patch 180 that got released yesterday (6/25/2015) we are now, as promised, offering lower slot packages! You can get 10, 20 or 30 slots now from BFS for ARK Survival Evolved hosting! Our pricing now starts as low as $19.95/month for 10 slots! Based on resource usage changes from Patch 180 we now offer 10, 20, and 30 slot packages for @survivetheark! #playARK— Blue Fang Solutions (@BluefangServers) June 26, 2015 We are also proud to say that we have sold over 700 ARK Survival Evolved game servers to date and they keep on coming! We are proud to serve such a awesome community for a great game. We look forward to being able to serve all of you for the foreseeable future! Get 20% off your first month of ARK Survival Evolved with coupon code "playark20" during checkout: RENT ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED GAME SERVER

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Now Offering Seattle, WA Game Servers

Seattle, Washington Game Server Hosting Hey everyone! We are proud to announce that we have officially expanded our game hosting services to another highly demanded location. We have offered voice hosting in Seattle for a long time now and we've had a lot of you guys request your game servers be located in the same data-center that your voice server is hosted from. We are ecstatic to be able to offer this brand new location to previous, current, and future customers in the northwest United States and Canada. Our Seattle data-center is a SSAE16 Type II Facility and a part of the Seattle Internet Exchange; Westin Connectivity. This facility is SSAE16 Type II certified and offers direct connectivity to the world-famous Westin building via a fully meshed dark fiber loop. We operate a fully redundant network with connections to GTT, Cogent, and Zayo. We are looking forward to serve clients in this area for the foreseeable future. We also have plans to expand to more locations early 2016. Do you live closer to Seattle, WA? You can get moved to Seattle, WA at absolutely no charge by submitting a support ticket and asking our technicians to move your services.

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ARK Survival Evolved Delay and Out of Stock Locations

First of all, we want to thank everyone that has already ordered their ARK:  Survival Evolved dedicated server from us. Secondly, we want to express our deepest apologies for the incredible amount of time it is taking for your services to come online. We have had people waiting days for their servers now and we understand how frustrating this can be. Trust us when we say we are just as, if not more, frustrated than you guys are. There was absolutely no way that anybody could have expected the sheer volume of hype and popularity for ARK:  Survival Evolved hosting, even more just the game itself. We want everyone to know that we are working nonstop to get our systems caught up and back to normal. We were not ready for the amount of demand for ARK Survival Evolved and it has slowed down our entire operation. Here are some answers to the most common questions we have been getting via emails and our social pages:   1)  When will my order be completed and my server come online and/or when will you respond to my support ticket? We are incredibly backed up right now and therefore we cannot give any specific answers and/or ETA for your server setup time. Our support ticket system is also majorly backed up and we are trying to catch that up as well. If we are slow to respond please understand that we are focused on getting customer orders completed and servers online as our main priority right now. 2)  Your ARK: Survival Evolved Server Hosting product page says OUT OF STOCK, why? We are currently out of capacity in almost all of our data-center locations because of the [...]

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We Now Offer 40 Slots for 7 Days to Die

You can now order up to 40 slots (used to be 32 slots max) for 7 Days to Die‬ on our product page at This may be increased later on as well as the game progresses some more. Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook

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We updated our Terms of Service

This is a formal announcement that we have updated our Terms of Service, Acceptable Use, Privacy Policy agreements as of March 29th, 2015. This newly updated agreement applies to all currently active customers. We truly appreciate all of your continued support and patronage.

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Overseer Panel™ 2.0

We designed the new control panel with the user in mind. We wanted to offer a better solution than anybody else and we believe we are on the right track. Below are some details about what each section does for you.   You can access your server files by clicking on "File Manager" directly from the Overseer dashboard under the FTP Information section.       Hostname (The name of the dedicated box your game server is on) Process ID # (More for us to know who you are quicker but it could serve a purpose for you as well) Location (The data center geographic location) IP Address (The IP address you use to connect to your server) Port (The port you use to connect to your server) CPU Priority (We run all our processes at "Above Normal" priority giving all servers a better share of the CPU.  You can purchase High CPU priority for more share of CPU time.) State (The current state of the game server or the current task Overseer is performing.) Running Time (How long your process has been running)                 Host (The hostname/IP you connect to your server files remotely) Username (Your FTP username that you use to connect to your server files remotely) Password (The password for your FTP access and yours alone. Nobody else will ever see this password, not even your sub-users.) Port (The port you need for the FTP access) Recycle Button (Press this for an automatically generated new FTP password) "File Manager" (This takes you to our built-in file manager application. Use this if you don't want to use a third party program like FileZilla or WinSCP)     [...]

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