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SquadOps.gg Official Sponsorship

Here at BFS we are always looking for new communities and groups to align ourselves with. We feel that what we can bring to the table can help any community grow in size and clinch success in this gaming industry. It didn't take long to put two and two together after talking with Karmakut, the Director of SquadOps, that BFS and SquadOps has a lot to offer each other. Since we are already an official hosting partner of Squad, we figured we should sponsor the largest and most anticipated events happening right now in Squad! We are announcing our official partnership and full support of the SquadOps.gg community events and we look forward to providing the Squad community with a solid, reliable platform to enjoy the SquadOps events. What is SquadOps.gg? Squad Ops is a closed server community event focused on immersion and tactical gameplay. They aim to bring realistic scenarios into Squad while creating an interactive, cinematic experience for both the player and the spectator. How can I join SquadOps.gg? Joining is simple and fast. The first step is to register on their official forums and fill out all the required areas. Next, simply navigate to the events page to register for an event. Confirm your registration and show up on Discord for the event. READ MORE ABOUT SQUADOPS.GG AT THEIR WEBSITE. GET 10% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH OF SQUAD GAME SERVERS USING COUPON CODE "squadrocks10"

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NS2 Combat Preview & Giveaway

Natural Selection 2: Combat is a first-person team-oriented multiplayer shooter developed by Faultline Games and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Players fight for either the Trans-System Federations (TSF) Space Marines or the Alien species known as the “Kharaa”, with both sides having a completely different set of lifeforms and abilities. The marines rely heavily on an array of high-tech ranged weaponry and mechanised armor, while the aliens rely on stealth, speed and strength. Additionally, aliens can evolve from a small but nimble and dangerous creature into one of five life-forms with unique abilities. NS2: Combat features intense two asymmetric teams in a fast-paced fight for survival, implemented using the beautiful Spark engine. You can read more directly from the developers website There is a 96-hour mega-stream for NS2 Combat at the Fault Line Games Twitch.tv page

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