Now Offering Strasbourg, France Server Hosting

We are proud to announce that we have officially expanded our game hosting services to another highly demanded location. We are ecstatic to be able to offer this brand new location to previous, current, and future customers in the western part of France. We are looking forward to serve clients in this area for the foreseeable future. We also have plans to expand to more locations within the next couple of days. Do you live closer to Strasbourg, France? You can request your services be moved at absolutely no charge by submitting a support ticket and asking our technicians to move your services.

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Terms of Service – Refund and Compensation Policy

This is a formal notice to any current and future customers that we have modified our Refund and Compensation Policy today January 6th, 2017. You can review the updated policy by clicking here.

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Winter Sale 2016

Our 2016 winter sale is on now! Get 20% off recurring on all new game server hosting and voice server hosting! Use coupon code "wintersale2016" during checkout by clicking any of the links below. RENT GAME SERVERS RENT TEAMSPEAK 3 SERVER RENT MUMBLE SERVER

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Cyber Weekend Sale 2016

Get 30% off all Game and Voice server hosting at any slot amount in any location for this Cyber Weekend at! RENT GAME SERVERS RENT VOICE SERVERS Use coupon code "CYBER2016" during checkout.

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7 Days to Die Alpha 15

Hey everyone, Alpha 15 just dropped for 7 Days to Die and it looks like The Fun Pimps have added a mother load of new content for everyone to enjoy. Here are the patch notes for those interested in the changes. As per the Alpha 15 release notes if your server is not starting up correctly then your problem is most likely the server config file not having the correct values. This is part of the red message you see on the support ticket system area before submitting a ticket. Here is what you would see in your output_log.txt file in the “7DaystoDieServer_Data" directory if this is truly the issue: 2016-10-08T13:51:25 0.080 INF Parsing server configfile: config\serverconfig.xml 2016-10-08T13:51:25 0.114 ERR Error parsing configfile property 'FriendlyFire': Unknown config option 2016-10-08T13:51:25 0.114 INF Make sure your configfile is updated the current server version! 2016-10-08T13:51:25 0.114 INF Startup aborted due to the given error in server configfile This is the fix for it: As we already support every new version with Steam Update all you need to do to get your game files to version 15 is press "Steam Update" on your control panel dashboard. After your server has updated please open the File Manager and go into the config directory and right click on the “serverconfig.xml” file. Click edit to modify the file. Scroll down until you find the following line: Before: After: Also be aware that the developers do recommend a brand new world for Alpha 15. If you continue to experience issues check your output_log.txt file for more ERROR messages. If you need help with any of this please let us know by submitting a support ticket.

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Infrastructure Upgrade

  We are always working to improve our systems and have begun the process of moving our Dallas nodes to a new data center.  This new data center will provide us access to a faster network and stronger DDoS protection. We have already upgraded Chicago and Los Angeles. We are also taking this opportunity to upgrade all our nodes to the latest hardware.  All these upgrades are free to all customers.   New Hardware Our new data-center locations will be receiving custom machines with the E5-1650v4 Intel CPU, 64GB RAM, SSD drives and premium bandwidth. These newer chips are faster and coupled with SSD drives will deliver the performance and reliability that we feel every single one of our customers deserve!   20GB DDoS Protection The even bigger and most important upgrade is that our entire Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles locations, after the migration, will be protected with 20gbps of traffic protection and 60 million packets per second protection! This is a milestone for us as a company and an awesome benefit for our customers to enjoy. These same DDoS protection benefits will be coming to every one of our other locations in the future as well.   What To Expect When we are ready to migrate your service(s) you will receive a direct email from our team stating that your service is now being moved. At that point in time your dashboard access will be suspended and your service will be gracefully stopped. All of your current server data will be packaged up and transferred to the new machine your service will reside on. Everyone will receive a new IP address and possibly a new Port (if necessary to avoid conflict issues) on the new upgraded hardware. We recommend [...]

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Unturned Servers Now Available!

We now support #hosting for @sdgnelson's game #Unturned! Get up to 24 slots at only $1/slot! @RocketMod included!

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Pricing Dropped for Empyrion Galactic Survival

As with any Early Access game we are always monitoring resource usage and game progress to see if any changes to the game constitute a new pricing structure. With some of the latest content and patch releases for Empyrion Galactic Survival we believe this to be the case at this time. Pricing is now $1.50/slot (down from $2.00/slot) for all packages 16-50 slots both monthly and quarterly terms. We will continue to monitor the game as it progresses and pricing is always subject to change throughout development, including increases in price if necessary. Rent Empyrion Galactic Survival Game Server

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Here at BFS we are always looking for new communities and groups to align ourselves with. We feel that what we can bring to the table can help any community grow in size and clinch success in this gaming industry. It didn't take long to put two and two together after talking with Karmakut, the Director of SquadOps, that BFS and SquadOps has a lot to offer each other. Since we are already an official hosting partner of Squad, we figured we should sponsor the largest and most anticipated events happening right now in Squad! We are announcing our official partnership and full support of the community events and we look forward to providing the Squad community with a solid, reliable platform to enjoy the SquadOps events. What is Squad Ops is a closed server community event focused on immersion and tactical gameplay. They aim to bring realistic scenarios into Squad while creating an interactive, cinematic experience for both the player and the spectator. How can I join Joining is simple and fast. The first step is to register on their official forums and fill out all the required areas. Next, simply navigate to the events page to register for an event. Confirm your registration and show up on Discord for the event. READ MORE ABOUT SQUADOPS.GG AT THEIR WEBSITE. GET 10% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH OF SQUAD GAME SERVERS USING COUPON CODE "squadrocks10"

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One Year Arkiversary Sale

We are celebrating one year of ARK Survival Evolved with Wildcard Studios! Get 15% off ARK Survival Evolved game server hosting for the life of the service. Use coupon code "1yearofARK" during checkout. Valid through 6/10/2016.   RENT YOUR OWN ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED SERVER HERE

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