Unturned Servers Now Available!

We now support #hosting for @sdgnelson's game #Unturned! Get up to 24 slots at only $1/slot! @RocketMod included! http://bit.ly/unturnedhosting

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Pricing Dropped for Empyrion Galactic Survival

As with any Early Access game we are always monitoring resource usage and game progress to see if any changes to the game constitute a new pricing structure. With some of the latest content and patch releases for Empyrion Galactic Survival we believe this to be the case at this time. Pricing is now $1.50/slot (down from $2.00/slot) for all packages 16-50 slots both monthly and quarterly terms. We will continue to monitor the game as it progresses and pricing is always subject to change throughout development, including increases in price if necessary. Rent Empyrion Galactic Survival Game Server

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SquadOps.gg Official Sponsorship

Here at BFS we are always looking for new communities and groups to align ourselves with. We feel that what we can bring to the table can help any community grow in size and clinch success in this gaming industry. It didn't take long to put two and two together after talking with Karmakut, the Director of SquadOps, that BFS and SquadOps has a lot to offer each other. Since we are already an official hosting partner of Squad, we figured we should sponsor the largest and most anticipated events happening right now in Squad! We are announcing our official partnership and full support of the SquadOps.gg community events and we look forward to providing the Squad community with a solid, reliable platform to enjoy the SquadOps events. What is SquadOps.gg? Squad Ops is a closed server community event focused on immersion and tactical gameplay. They aim to bring realistic scenarios into Squad while creating an interactive, cinematic experience for both the player and the spectator. How can I join SquadOps.gg? Joining is simple and fast. The first step is to register on their official forums and fill out all the required areas. Next, simply navigate to the events page to register for an event. Confirm your registration and show up on Discord for the event. READ MORE ABOUT SQUADOPS.GG AT THEIR WEBSITE. GET 10% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH OF SQUAD GAME SERVERS USING COUPON CODE "squadrocks10"

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One Year Arkiversary Sale

We are celebrating one year of ARK Survival Evolved with Wildcard Studios! Get 15% off ARK Survival Evolved game server hosting for the life of the service. Use coupon code "1yearofARK" during checkout. Valid through 6/10/2016.   RENT YOUR OWN ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED SERVER HERE

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Fragmented Servers Now Available!

RENT FRAGMENTED DEDICATED GAME SERVER Fragmented game server hosting (monthly rental)   [NOTICE] This game is in early access Alpha stages. There are no guarantees of performance or reliability with your dedicated server. Pricing is subject to change throughout development stages.   Stranded in a hostile alien world, you must fight to survive. Hunt, harvest, craft, advance skills, and build using local resources along with technology from your voyage. Join others online or play offline in the world of Fragmented. You awaken stranded on a hostile alien world, after your journey to colonize the planet. Rhyldan, takes a catastrophic turn. Armed with only your fists, your wits and fragments of knowledge buried deep within a damaged clone’s mind, you must ensure the survival of the human race. Harvest local resources to get started and hunt wildlife with crafted weapons to provide food and protection from the elements. As you survive you will regain access to knowledge and important skills to aid in your survival. Unlock advanced technologies to build giant structures, advanced weaponry and defenses, tame the wildlife, engineer and grow new living species, build robots and vehicles and use it all to support your allies or crush your enemies.   RENT FRAGMENTED DEDICATED GAME SERVER

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Project Zomboid Servers Now Available

RENT PROJECT ZOMBOID GAME SERVER PROJECT ZOMBOID game server hosting (monthly rental) Project Zomboid is a Zombie Survival RPG available on PC, Mac and Linux. Thousands of ‘proper’ zeds roam the streets. Gunfire and combat could lead to a bite. Scavenge food, craft items, construct barricades and fight against inevitable death. Team up with similarly doomed buddies on user-created servers. Trust nobody! Explore an isometric Muldraugh, KY, in our vast, growing map. Where will you make your stand? You can develop skills through game play, while fending off depression, boredom and addictions. Project Zomboid offers powerful Lua mod support, and map tools that will be given to the community.

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Lunar New Year Sale

Get 20% off recurring any game server at any slot amount in any of our locations now at BlueFangSolutions.com! This sale starts today February 10th, 2016 and ends on March 1st, 2016. SHOP NOW *Cannot be applied to currently active services unless you upgrade to higher slots.

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Squad Version 4 is Out!

Hey guys, Alpha Version 4 of Squad was just released. This new update has some major bug fixes, content updates, and changes to the server config files. Here is the Alpha 4 changelog: Major Changes: Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) This release will feature Easy Anti-Cheat as a new active anti-cheat protection system. 1P78 Kashtan Rifle Optic The Russian faction now have scopes for their weapons! As one of the most requested feature, we are pleased to grant the Russian faction a rifle optic for their primary AK74M and support RPK74M rifles as well as sneaking some goodies for the Militia. RGD-5 Grenade The RGD-5 is a post-WW2 Soviet-era grenade, inexpensive to manufacture and commonly found in many modern conflict areas. Will be featured on the Militia and Russian factions. Map Updates Fools Road received a new industrial area in the South West of the map, an updated Estate with a very cool tunnel section connecting the buildings together, as well as many new details and features spread out around the map. Chora has also received many updates, expanding the playable area and more detail work. Flag Capture Mechanics Updates AAS has been updated with some new gamemode rules to encourage greater emphasis on the flag objectives. Flags now have an increasing ticket bleed based on the number of flags owned by the opposing team, reducing the chance that the team with more flags loses the match. Additionally, capturing a flag now grants the capturing team some tickets, as well as increasing the ticket loss for the team that loses a flag. Finally, we have added a protection sphere around each teams main base, which prevents bullets and players from the opposing team entering in it's area [...]

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Empyrion Galactic Survival Servers Now Available

EMPYRION GALACTIC SURVIVAL game server hosting (monthly rental) Rent your own Empyrion Galactic Survival game server here. BFS Features - Overseer Panel™ (send commands to your server) - 7DTD Web Console (send commands to your server) - File Management (FTP access) - 3rd Party FTP Access (FileZilla/WinSCP) - 24/7 BFS Support (tickets, live chat, steam, ts3) - No branding - 24 money back guarantee Rent your own Empyrion Galactic Survival game server here Empyrion Website Empyrion Forums Steam Storage Page

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Planet Explorers Updates to 0.9 – 1 Year Later

The developers are alive! Here is an excerpt from their steam announcement about Planet Explorers 0.9 as well as the change list: Happy Holidays everyone. Here's the a0.9 build. It's about a year late, and we are truly sorry for that, but sometimes, a major rewrite is needed (in retrospect, it's up for debate). For players updating from a0.87, this is pretty much a new game. Everything has been changed over the last year. This build is a bit rushed, so we expect there to be bugs. We'll straighten these out over the next two weeks. From now on, we'll be updating directly to the release build instead of the beta. We will be releasing a new demo based on the a0.9 build within the next two weeks as well. A0.9 Changelist Fixed turrets not firing at enemies sometimes Fixed turrets not firing when not hit by an enemy Fixed jetpack animation Fixed NPCs not returning after chasing an enemy Fixed grenade projectile motion Fixed giant robot enemy weapons projectile motion Fixed ISOs disappearing after entering model scene Fixed Paja creation error in the desert Fixed world map not displaying anything in Adventure Mode Fixed turrets filling up durability after being picked up Fixed multiple colony UI bugs Fixed herbs adding full HP Fixed NPC spawning twice in camp Fixed repair machines not using resources Fixed kicking out NPC from colony and having the NPC disappear Fixed issue where some scripts can't be learned Fixed issue of being able to pick up the ladder while on it Fixed problems with bird projectiles Fixed issue with NPCs not stopping for conversation in Adventure Mode Fixed fertilizer gun projectile Fixed issue with andhera not being scared of [...]

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